Friday, June 10, 2011

How Will the Migration from IPv4 to IPv6 Impact Voice and Visual Communication? Take 2

The “World IPv6 Day” (June 8, 2011) was the first global test intended to help service providers and vendors prepare for the inevitable migration to IPv6. How is IPv6 different from IPv4? Why is IPv6 so important to the Internet and private intranets? What is driving IPv6 adoption? How will the migration to IPv6 affect voice and visual communication? Is Polycom ready for IPv6? Find answers in my new white paper.

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  1. Dear Stefan,

    I must disagree with your statement in your white paper regarding RMX IPv4-IPv6 dual stack support - it is very poorly implemented, we have been struggling with an educational customer for almost a year now to get it working but it still not functions as expected in the recently released 7.2 software version (the customer has an RMX 4000 with MPM+ cards) so they are forced to operate the RMX in IPv4 only mode.

    Best regards,