Thursday, October 6, 2011

EduTech and the New Polycom Office in Moscow

The EduTech conference in Moscow was a gathering of representatives from schools, universities, and corporate training organizations in the Russian Federation to discuss new technologies and methods for teaching and training remotely. Understandably, this topic is very hot in a country that stretches over 9 time zones (11 before the reform in 2010) and that requires a lot of communication between Moscow and the regions.

I had the pleasure to present on my favorite topic "Music Performance and Instruction over High-Speed Networks" (in Russian "Видео для музыкального обучения и трансляции концертов"). The presentation was part of a session dedicated to video technology for education, and resulted in many questions and discussions during and after the session. Did I mention that I enjoy presenting in Russian?

While in Moscow, I also got an early peek of the new Polycom office and Executive Briefing Center that officially opened on October 4. The office is located at the Paveletskaya Square which makes it easily accessible from the Domodedovo International Airport (DME) – a non-stop train connects the two - and through the Moscow subway system. The Business Center "Paveletskaya Plaza" is a beautiful 26-story tower visible from afar, and has a modern lobby with well-organized security.

Polycom has the entire 23rd floor of the building which results in spectacular views in all directions.

The new office is not only home for the Polycom employees in Moscow but also has the latest Polycom technology, including RPX 400 and OTX 300 immersive telepresence systems, all connected via high-bandwidth networks to other Polycom offices. I could not resist the temptation and placed a couple of telepresence calls across the Atlantic. The picture was crystal-clear and stats showed 6Mbps network bandwidth with no packet loss.

Followers of Video Networker in the Russian Federation, I would highly recommend making an appointment (otherwise security will not let you in) and visiting the new Polycom office in Moscow.