Friday, October 23, 2009


Bringing a TPX to San Antonio required a lot of preparation. We had to find a room in the conference hotel Hyatt Regency that had enough space for the system and for additional chairs for conference attendees to see the demo.

Another important consideration for the room selection was how close it was to the loading dock. The TPX come in 7 large crates and we did not want to move them all over the hotel. And the size of the truck had to fit the size of Hyatt’s loading dock.

It was critical to have the IP network on site up and running before the TPX system could be tested. Usually a lot of the work and cost is related to bringing a high-speed network connection to the telepresence system. This was not an issue at the Internet2 conference since I2 brings 10Gbps to each conference site. We needed only about 12 Mbps (or approximately 0.1% from that) for TPX.

Timing was critical too. The Polycom installation team had to do the installation on the weekend, so that everything would work on Monday morning. The room that we identified was Chula Vista on lobby level. It was close to the loading dock and had enough space. The only issue was that the room was booked for another event on Wednesday, so TPX had to be dismantled on Tuesday, right after the last interoperability demo finished at 4:30pm.

Stay tuned for Part 7 about the telepresence interoperability demo at the Internet2 Conference on October 6, 2009 …

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